Bridal Beauty Trends To Expect In 2021

 A bridal look isn't complete with the beautiful glam makeup and divine hairstyles. Through out the years we have seen as brides change up their wedding makeup and hair. Different eras come with different looks. Today we will be talking about what to expect to see on bride of 2021. With that being said remember to keep in mind that trends serve as inspiration and you should always stick to what is true to you. 

Keep scrolling for some beautiful inspiration and trends you can incorporate. 

Let's start with makeup!

We saw a big shift in weddings for the year 2020 for obvious reason but this also brought about new trends for all things wedding. Brides this year will be going for bold makeup looks that bring out really make them shine as the bride. While some brides want to go all out for their wedding there will also be a big emphasis on clean and glowing skin. This can be combined with a bold bridal makeup look or kept soft and natural through out. 

Bold & Star Of The Show

For the brides that want a wow factor with their makeup look we have the bold lip! Ditch the nudes and natural flushes of pink for the lips and don't be afraid of a little color. A bold lip is an easy way to vamp up your bride look. A true red color is such a luxe glam look perfect for the bride that wants to embrace that. A vibrant orange is perfect for those summer and spring months. This color also looks incredible on warm skin tones. 

All About The Eyes

The lips aren't the only place we can expect to see more color. For ages bridal makeup eye shadow has focused on nude earthy tones. Not in 2021. It's time to bring your eyes to life and make them pop with some color. Apart from color brides are looking towards more editorial eye makeup looks. That can include assorted jewels.

Glowing Bride

In 2020 we saw more people taking more care of their skin. Perhaps it was the work from home that had people wearing less makeup or those stay at home spa nights that sprung all this into action. Skin care is becoming the new make up and that can be reflected onto bridal looks. Brides are looking towards having a no makeup makeup look. Fresh skin and flushed cheeks are what make this make up pop. Also a glowing completion. 

 From makeup we move onto hair. Both of these elements come together to give a beautiful bridal look. For hair we will be seeing a continuation of beautiful hair accessories like headbands. They are a fashion forward accessory for the modern brides. Just like the easy going natural makeup we see a rise in lived in hairstyles. Let's take a look. 

Hair Accessories

Head bands are hear to slay. Last year we saw more brides hop on this fashion forwards trend and this year we can continue to see it. It works for every hairstyle and come in so many colors and styles. It is the perfect replacement for the bridal tiara. 

Cool Girl Vibe

Every girl is a cool girl when they say true to who they are. Embrace your neutral hair texture or mimic the look of lived in one with a few steps. Loose beach waves are the way to go. If you have naturally wavy hair your already ahead of the game. Add texturizing spray to bring out its natural radiance. If you have straight hair you can add loose waves or curls for the same easy going look. You don't have to worry about our hair not holding the curl because it is made to look imperfect. 

Glam Gal

On the opposite spectrum we have the old Hollywood glam look coming back. Those old Hollywood waves are a great way to wow your guests after spending so much time inside your house. It is a great opposites attract look when you wear a hairstyle like that with a more modern boho look. 

We hope these trends inspire your make up look. Be sure to let us know which was our favorite. 

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