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 A trend that is on the rise in weddings are pressed flowers! This paper like blooms adds such a unique and ethereal touch to any wedding decor. It is also a fun way of using dry flowers. Just when you think they are doing showing off their beauty they get a revamp. Pressed flowers can be used in so many different wedding decor. From seating cards to wedding invitations. It's all there and it's all beautiful. 

Not only are these pressed flowers lovely but it can also be an easy DIY that can save you money for your wedding day. Using a heavy item like a book you would simply press the flowers down until they are dry and them be able to use them for what ever decor you would like. Be sure to place the flowers between parchment paper before you press them between the heavy items. 

We have put together some inspiration to get you started on ideas to use for your wedding decor. 

Escort Cards

Escort cards so beautiful that they can double as a wedding favor for your guests. A two in one that is sure to save you money but not take away from anything. 

Dinner Menu

 Display your wedding dinner menu with some beautiful pressed flowers. It is such an elegant touch to have at your dinner table. The beautiful acrylic shows off the pretty florals and the calligraphy adds the perfect touch. 

Blooming Cake

Let's take these wonderful florals and put them on a cake! Yes that is right on your cake. Adding some colorful blooms take your clean white cake to the next level. There are some flowers that are edible that would make the perfect addition to your wedding. 

Welcome Sign 
Welcome your guests with breathtaking flowers that set the mood for your wedding. This sign has a minimalistic approach but the flowers add a nice touch without being too much. 

A Flower Rain Shower

Skip the rice throwing for your grand exit and replace it with delicate and beautiful flowers. It is also great because they are eco friends when left on the ground afterwards.

Let us know what you think of this trend? Would you want to do this DIY for your wedding?

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