The Perfect Off The Shoulder Wedding Gowns

When it comes to your wedding dress there are so many details to take into account that will deliver the look you have always dreamed about. From the neckline to the fabric it all comes together to deliver an unforgettable gown. One of the details that seems to catch the eye right away is the neckline. 

Different neckline serves different looks and today we are going to be talking about one of our favorites. The off the shoulder neckline. This type of neckline adds dimension and sexiness to any bridal gown without being too much. It is the perfect alternative to a sleeveless neckline. It still gives that sexy look of an exposed collar bone and of course shoulders. This look is elegant and modern all rolled into one.  

One of the beauties of an off the shoulder neckline is that it can work with different types of looks. Minimal, romantic, or glam. It all looks wonderful when paired with this neckline. There also isn’t just one look to this style. You can have long sleeves, quarter sleeves, and even a small almost cap sleeve. They all have a way of either structure or draping on the body. 

We have some stunning wedding gowns that showcase just how wonderful this neckline can be for every bride. 


Havana is one of our unique off the shoulder gowns. It is an illusion off the shoulder with lace flutter sleeves that sit just below the shoulder. Brides love its unique lace details and the fact that has an illusion fabric means it is easy to move around in. The flutter sleeves drape down the arm for a delicate look. This gown has a fitted trumpet silhouette that creates an almost glam boho style. 


Next, we have our elegant Haven gown. This off the shoulder neckline features gorgeous illusion lace across the chest and down the shoulder into quarter length sleeves. We love the look of long sleeves paired with an off the shoulder neckline. This neckline does come up a bit higher than what we saw in Havana but it still has that classic open shoulder design. This gown would be perfect for an autumn wedding. 


Minimal and chic is what Vanity has in store for you. This style embodies a classic fairytale look with a modern twist. Vanity is one of our latest styles and brides love it. It simple look packs a punch with a stunning neckline and we can’t forget…pockets! This off the shoulder neckline is elegant and looks great with the A-line silhouette. Proving that it can work well with any gown. This off the shoulder design comes down lower for a statement. Almost looking like a strapless but with added flair. 


This off the shoulder neckline creates symmetry from the ball gown skirt. It is a more structured neckline adorned with lace appliques and sequins. It looks perfect paired with a whimsical ball gown skirt. Valen has that royal charm to it and it’s easy to see why. Much like our Vanity gown this neckline also sits a bit lower but it still delivers that elegant look. 

Like we mentioned before this neckline works great for most brides. Although if you have broader shoulders this neckline can emphasis that look. If you are comfortable with that then there is no need to worry. It is a thing to keep in mind if you are trying to avoid that. This neckline also works great for larger chested women. It does a great job of showing it off it in tasteful manner. 

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