Wedding Food Trends Of 2021

 We are back with more wedding trends of this new year! We have talked about decor and slightly touched on food trends for this year. However this will be the topic of today. What can you expect to see in weddings when it comes to food being served? With many things changing from 2020 until now we saw how that affected things that became popular in weddings. We saw changed in sizing, decor, and so much more. 

So what can you expect to see in wedding of 2021? Well let's take a deeper look!

Elaborate Dinners

With all of these changes that have been going on this year it's time to go all out. Weddings are becoming smaller and guests lists are being shorter. This also means you might have a bigger budget to work with from the left over money. Because of this couples are choosing to bring about elaborate platted dinners. It has an upscale dinner party feel. Beautiful plating and exquisite food go hand in hand to have great food for guests.

Plant Based Options

Everyone wants to be include in wedding activities and this includes having a meal. Over the years there has been a shift food being served in weddings. Some couples have shifted towards healthier options and different dietary need options. It is becoming more popular to have vegan and vegetarian options for all guests to enjoy. This is also influenced by the eco friendly movement that has made couple opt for all vegan menus or at least including more vegan options. 

Bottled/Canned Cocktails

Bars and signature cocktails are still going to prosper in 2021 but you can experience with a twist. This year you can expect to see more canned and bottled drinks. Couples are having their signature drinks bottled in cut packaging. This of course is influenced with everything going on in 2020. It is a fun and safe way to serve your drinks. 

Outdoor Cooking 

Indoor weddings are becoming less popular and outdoors weddings are the way to go. With this there is a rise in outdoor cooking. This is a great way to have a visual presentation of the food and almost serve as an entertaining element to your guests. There has been outdoor pizza wood fire ovens. As well as grilling like steak and chicken. 

Food Trucks

We have talked about food trucks and how much amazing they are. You can expect to see them in 2021 as well. It is a great way to create experiences in their weddings. This also works great for all of the outdoor weddings that are going to be happening this year.  

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