Wedding Dresses Inspired By Royal Weddings

 Every bride wants to feel and should feel like royalty on their wedding day. Now you can! Royal weddings of course catch the eye of everyone around the world and more importantly is the dress the brides wear. Certain details shine through with every wedding dress and today we have some dresses that can help you achieve that regal look for your wedding without having to break the bank!

Let's take a look at some of our gowns that bring out your princess vibe on your wedding day. 

1. Simple Boat Mighty

Meghan Markle's wedding dress brought to light the boat neckline and showed how beautiful a simple wedding dress can be. A boat neckline is perfect for showing off those shoulders yet still remaining classy and modest. We love the quarter length sleeves and the clean look of her wedding gown. Our FLISS wedding gown is a beautiful gown to go for if you are looking for a similar look. 

This gown features a similar neckline and clean look as Meghan's wedding gown. Custom changes are available to add sleeves if you wish for a replicate look. It's A-line silhouette makes it more flattering to more brides. 

2. Royal Lace Neckline

Another wedding dress that made waves was Kate Middleton's dress. This gown had beautiful lace sleeves that complimented the modern V neckline. We love this gown because it still allowed for some skin to poke through but still looked modest. The A-line silhouette is perfect for every bride to rock. This gown is all about the illusion lace. We've got the perfect gown to embrace that. Our HAPPY gown features those stunning lace sleeves and that flattering silhouette. The neckline does dip down a bit but not too far down just like Kate's wedding dress. 

3. The Royal Train 

The Belgium duchess, Stephanie wore an iconic wedding gown with a statement train that is truly fit for royalty. Her gown is also covered in breathtaking lace that adds so much detail to this amazing gown. On the lace we also find some sparkle with embellishments. Our BEYONCE gown features a stunning train just like the one Stephanie wore. It does feature more bling but a bride can never have too much sparkle. You can also find the illusion quarter length sleeve just like the royal wedding gown. 

4. Off The Shoulder Chic

Another simply chic wedding gown is the one Victoria of Sweden wore for her royal big day! We love the open off the shoulder and simple wedding gown. It is a classic look that will never go out of style. A similar design to this is our VANITY gown. This neckline is not as modest as Victorias but you can raise the neckline if you want that look. They both embrace the minimalist look and is definitely sure to leave everyone in awe. 

What do you think of these royal looks?  They are the perfect way to show off your princess side that we all have. If you would like to see more styles and information visit our website at

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