How To Handle Rain On Your Wedding Day

 One of the worst fears every bride has is rain on their wedding day but it is said to bring good luck! With that being said there is always a bright side to things even when they may seem sour. If you are a winter or spring bride the chances of rain are higher and sometimes it is inevitable.We've put together some ideas to help make the most of this unexpected treat. 

Get ready for what ever the day brings to your wedding with these helpful tips. 

Always Have A Plan B

In any wedding is it a good idea to have a plan B incase something goes wrong in the first plan. This is especially true for winter and spring brides that have a higher chance of rain on their day. Be sure ask your vendors about their rainy day protocols. Also thinking about how the rain can financially impact you and take that into account of your wedding budget. 

Enjoy Rainy Day Blooms

Rain doesn't always have to be a downer! We have one thing that will appreciate the! Your floral decor will be sure to appreciate the rain and make them pop. Over cast skies and humid air helps your flowers not look wilted like with warm sunny weather. 

Give Your Self Time To Soak It In

The rain might catch you by surprise so it's important to just take a second and process your emotions. It may seem like it just ruined your wedding completely but we are here to tell you that is not that case. It is important to deal with what you are feeling in order to carry on and enjoy the rest of the day.

Rain Can Make For Great Photos

Amp up your wedding day photos with a little rain! Yes that is right it might not be sunny but your wedding photos can still turn out amazing! Use clear umbrellas for cute photos with your wedding party. You can even have your romantic kiss in the rain captured for that true romantic dream. Overcast skies also bring great lighting for photos that maybe easier to work with then sunny days. 

Have Practical Items Handy

Make sure you have umbrellas handy if you sense that there will be rain to come. Clear umbrellas look great because it doesn't disrupt the decor look or clash with the overall look of the wedding. Be sure to also have blankets, towels, and perhaps even ponchos for your guests. 

Magical & Cozy Feeling

If you are having an outdoor wedding a clear tent is the way to go when it comes to being safe from the rain. Not only is it practical but is also makes for a beautiful wedding under the rain without having to get all wet. It also creates a peaceful 

We hope these tips can help you see the brighter side to a little rain. If you would like more wedding tips and inspiration be sure to follow us in our social below.

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