How To Celebrate Your Engagement Other Than A Party

Valentine's day and the winter Holidays are officially over. These are the times where most couples get engaged also known as engagement season. If you are a recently engaged couple we say congratulations! The wonderful new chapter is exciting and it's time to celebrate. Most couples will celebrate engagement with the famous engagement party but there are several other way to do so. Hosting parties during this time can be tricky because we of course want to be safe but it might also just not be your thing.

You can either choose to celebrate with close friends and family or spend some time just the two of you to soak the moment in and enjoy it. 

We've put together some ideas to celebrate and get ready to start the wedding planning journey. 

Engagement Photos

Engagement photos are a great way to commemorate this special new chapter. It works great with social distancing because there won't be lots of people around. It is something small and intimate that can be fun to look back on. Of course these photos can be used for invitations or save the dates. It is a great option if you weren't think of having them to begin with. 

A Virtual Party 

If you want your friends and family to be part of the celebration but still be safe having a virtual party is the way to go. Setting up a happy hour type of session let's you celebrate with your loved ones at a safe distance. Don't be afraid to decorate your space and really get into the party feeling. This type of celebration also allows family member and friends that love further away to join in on the fun. Something that might not have be able to other wise. 

Staycation Celebration 

Take time alone with you and your partner as you start this new adventure. A staycation is a great way to relax and just spend extra time together. Make a plan to not focus on work or anything else for the weekend and just celebrate. You can start talking about the wedding but nothing into so much detail. Remember that is just a time to enjoy the engagement. 

Recreate A Special Time

Take a night to recreate an important time in your relationship. It can be the first date you both had or even where the first kiss happened. This is a great way to look back on how far you two have come. You can even choose to wear the same outfit or play the same music to make it more authentic and that much more special. 

We hope these ideas help you celebrate your engagement and get ready to say I Do. Be sure to follow us for more wedding ideas!

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