How To Pick Your First Dance Song

 Picture yourself and your partner slow dancing as newlyweds for the first time. The stars are shining and you couldn't imagine a more blissful moment. What song do you hear playing in the back? Choosing the first dance song is a very important part of wedding planning. Some couples might have something in mind even before wedding planning. Others might find it a little more difficult. There are so many options to choose from so we can see why it can be hard to do. 

Today we are here to help you narrow down your search and in return pick a song that is perfect for that first dance. 

Something close to the heart

This one maybe a little obvious but it's always a good start. Think back to a song you may have heard on your first date. You should reflect on what song comes to mind when you think about your relationship together. Your first song should always be something that is close to your heart. 

Listen to the words

Perhaps you don't have a song you can think of for your first date or when you first kissed. In this case it's important to think about a song that has lyrics that reflect your relationship. Think of important things you have both experienced together. Think about a song that relates to those moments. Be sure to listen to the song with your partner to decide if it right for you two. 

What genre?

If you have a few songs in mind but can't narrow down to the one. Think about what genre you want to be your song. What type of beat do you picture hearing as you take each other by the hand and twirl on the dance floor? You and your partner might have different tastes of music but you both can always come to a middle ground. 

Live band or DJ?

When thinking of the perfect song also take into account how it will sound when played. Will you be having a live band perform the song or will it be a DJ? In which case each will have a distinct sound to the song. Live will of course sound different from a track being played. If you are having a live band also think if they know how to play it because the may have to learn to do so. 

We hope these tips will help you choose the perfect song! Let us know what song you are thinking of dancing to! 

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