Gown Spotlight: Brianna , Beso By Fiore Couture

 Intricate lace is always such a beautiful look for your wedding day. What makes your bridal look stand out even more is an all lace wedding gown. It is such a romantic and delicate vibe that truly embraces the feeling of what a wedding is. For brides that love that look we have the perfect gown for you. Our BRIANNA gown is great for a modern yet classic wedding gown. Today we will be highlighting some features that Brianna has for every bride. 

BRIANNA is a gorgeous fitted trumpet silhouette. It's silhouette is wrapped in amazing floral lace all over. From the top of the neckline down to the tip of the train. This gown would look like magic in summer and spring weddings. This is because of it's open back and lighter feel of fabric. It doesn't feature too many layer so it can help you keep cool on a warm summer day. 

This gown does an amazing job at highlighting your figure because of it fitted structure. If you want your inner bombshell to come out this gown is great for that. Although it has a sexy feel because of the silhouette it is still elegant because of the higher neckline. 

The neckline is one of our favorite's that you don't see as often on wedding gowns. That is the halter neckline. This design is always adds such an elegant touch to any bridal gown. This neckline is looks great with up do hair styles. That is so it highlight the high neckline. Also it shows off some of your neck so it doesn't cut it completely off and thus shorten your neck. 

The back of the gown is of course open which gives an alluring look to the gown. Down the skirt of the train we find buttons going down the center all the way to the tip of the train. These buttons are an embellishment and underneath we find a zipper for getting in and out of the gown. 

The train is the perfect length for that gives a not too subtle but not long at the same time. This court length is what a lot of brides look for because it gives them the best of both worlds and are easy to move around in. 

Let's take a look out how our lovely bride wore her BRIANNA gown on her wedding day!

We love the bright floral bouquets she used and her up do hairstyle to highlight the neckline. If you want to see more styles and info on this gown. Be sure to visit our website at www.fiorecouture.com.

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