Splurge Worthy Things For A MicroWedding

 We have talked about how awesome micro weddings are and how they are becoming more and more popular. One of the perks of having a smaller and intimate wedding is cutting down on costs. Having a more flexible budget means you can relocate some of that money fore more important parts of the wedding. It let's you go big when it comes to certain aspects. We have put together some things that are splurge worthy when it comes to your microwedding. 

Photography & Videography 

Photos are so important from your wedding day. They are one of the things most couples treasure because they are able to have physical memories from the wedding day. Some couples choose between having a photographer or videographer and a few choose both. Having more money to splurge allows you to not have to choose. We say do both. Photos are great but having video footage adds a magical touch. It's the best of both worlds. 

Weekend Events

Turn you wedding into an all weekend event! We say keep the celebration going now that you are having a smaller wedding. Having a smaller guest list allows you to plan these events better. You can choose to have welcome cocktails or a post wedding day brunch. It is a nice quality time you can share with your loved one's. 

Food & Drinks

Indulge in rich food and drinks on your special day. Not only is this a treat for your guests but also for you and your partner. In you were thinking of going with a meal that was more budget friendly now you don't have to. Your wedding day should be enjoyed fully so use that extra money to splurge a little bit more for quality food and drinks. 

Wedding Dress

This is more specific for brides but we say boost up your wedding dress budget. This is your dream day so you should be able to wear a dress you will never forget. A small wedding doesn't mean you have to sacrifice style. Go for the dress you have always been dreaming about and don't forget to have some extra bridal portraits taken to highlight it. 

No matter how small your wedding maybe it doesn't mean you have to sacrifice your vision and style. On the contrary it allows you to splurge on things that mean the most to you! We hope these tips help you have an amazing wedding day. 

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