Do You Need A Wedding Registry?

 Wedding registries were the go to when it came to wedding gifts. You would put something on the registry and it made it easy for your guests to purchase a gift. It would ensure you had something that was needed. Now in more modern days a lot of couples have stepped away from making a registry. They opt for donations to charity or even for donations to their honeymoon. So the question is do you really need a wedding registry?

Registries are great if you are planning on buying a new house once married. It helps a little with the costs that comes with buying things for a first time home. It's also great because guests will get you things that you absolutely need and won't just sit there collecting dust. 

If you're looking for thoughtful and meaningful gifts for your wedding then registries probably aren't for you. With a registry people are just buying things that you've already selected as gifts. There isn't much meaning behind it other than you wanted that particular item. 

Wedding registries don't just have to be dedicated to household items. There are a lot more things you can now add to a wedding registry like sporting tickets, tech items, even fitness classes. So it can turn into a gift that you and your partner can do together. 

If you and your partner already live together and feel like you don't need anything else you don't have to add a registry. You can ask you guests to donate money to a charity. You can also help them contribute to the honeymoon. That way you can extend your vacation and even go out to nice dinners. 

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