Don't Make These Guest List Mistakes

 Thinking about all the important people that you want to have at your wedding can be an exciting part of wedding planning but it can also be a delicate one. You have to find the right balance in how many people to invite and your budget. You sometimes even have to consider the input from in-laws and parents. There is no need to worry because we are here to help you! Keep on reading to find out how to create the perfect guest list. 

Always Pay Attention To Your Numbers

When you talk about how many guests are going to be at your wedding it should reflect how many people your budget can take into account. You don't have to have a big guests list just because you think you should. Sit down and review how many much it would cost to have certain number of guests. 

Don't Make Your First List Too Small

When you are starting to come up with your guest list don't make it too small even if you are having a small sized wedding. It's easier to start big and then cut it down to make it more suitable for your wedding. Make note on who is your most important people you want to have there. 

Don't Ignore Your Gut

Your wedding should be about having people you love around you. If you don't feel comfortable with inviting someone then you should never ignore that. You don't have to invite people just to please others and you must always remember that. 

Avoid Booking Your Venue Before Your Guest List

Don't get to ahead of yourself and book your venue before you finalize your guest list. It can seem easy to get wrapped up in the excitement of finding your dream venue but your guest list should be done before this. Your venue is going to reflect how big or small your guest list is going to be. 

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