Vintage Inspired Wedding Ideas

 Modern and sleek looks have been taking over weddings but there is something so special about a vintage look. It adds something more timeless and gives the overall wedding more character. If you are planning on having a vintage themed wedding we have some great ideas waiting for you. Keep on reading to find out more. 

Show Case Heirloom Jewelry

When putting your wedding look together look for pieces that have been in your family for years. It not only brings that vintage look but has a bigger significance then new jewelry you buy. Make sure you ask you mom or someone in your family if there are any pieces you can wear on your big day. 

Old Trunk Decor

Use old suitcases for a side table instead of your traditional ones. Its sure to give your wedding that retro chic vibe. Just make sure to stick to your wedding palette so they still match. You can also decorate them with a flower vase on top. 


Vintage chandeliers always look amazing even in outdoor venues. It brings that perfect touch of romance. You can even go for a mix and match look for something unexpected. 

Lace Linens

Lace table clothes bring that vintage feel to your dinning experience. You can look for things like this in second hand stores that will also help with your budget. Add romantic candles and flowers for a cozy touch. 

Get Away Car

Make your grand exit with a vintage car. You can even decorate it with that classic just married sign and tin cans hanging off the back. It's going to look amazing in photos. 

Film Photography

If you want to bring that vintage feel to your photos ask your photographer if he can shoot come photos on film. 


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