Tips On Having A Cohesive Color Palette For Your Wedding

 The wedding planning has begun and that means deciding on a color palette that is going to flow through out your wedding. Your color palette should be authentic to you and what your style is. There are a lot of elements to take into account if you want your color palette to be cohesive. From the flowers you use down to the invitations you send out. But there is no need to worry because we are here to help. 

The Starting Point

When you are deciding on the colors you want to use think about things like your flowers. What are some flowers you know you want to have? If it's red roses for that romantic look then you can start to think about complimentary colors that go well with red. 

Look Towards Your Venue

You chose your venue because you fell in love with it. Start thinking about the colors that would work well in it. Look at the colors that fill the space. If you are having an outdoor wedding get inspired by the nature. Blue skies and a golden sun would be great inspiration to pull from. 

Think About The Season

There are colors that are more popular during one season than anothers.  Spring and summer seasons come with bright and airy colors. You can take a look at which colors look good together in that season. Fall and winter are made for richer and dark tones. 

Include A Wedding Guest Color Option

If you really want your wedding to have a cohesive look you can also add options to your dress code. Some couples want an all black attire that really plays into their color palette. You can add this to your wedding invitations. 

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