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 With the Barbie movie coming out this year we have seen a big influence of it all around us. This is especially true in the wedding world. Brides are going for Barbie themed bachelorette parties and even incorporating it to their wedding day. "Barbiecore" is what this trend is being called and it comes with bright colors and fun sparkly accessories. This theme is all about having fun and being over the top with your looks and decor. 

Here are some ways you can incorporate this trend into your wedding day. 

Second Bridal Outfit

If you don't want a hot pink wedding gown use one for your second bridal look. A bright pink short dress will look amazing. If pink isn't you favorite color you can also go for lot's of sparkle and bright colors. It doesn't have to be pink but it is one of Barbies iconic colors. You can also have fun with accessories and be as bold as you want. 

Wedding Dresses

What kind of dress would Barbie wear on her wedding day? She would definitely go with something that made a statement. Look for big ball gowns with dramatic trains. Also look for details like beading and feathers for that extra touch. 


Dress you bridesmaids in all shades of pink. It gives a cohesive look but doesn't mean that they all have to wear the same dress or color. From pastel pinks to bright fuchsia they will all look amazing together. 


Barbie has their own iconic font that can be used through out your wedding. From your wedding invitations to your welcome sign. It's the little details that add that Barbiecore element to any wedding. 


If you want to have your own Barbie dream house rent out a Malibu house by the beach for the ultimate Barbie touch. You can really add as many elements to your wedding day it all depends on how much you want to barbie-fy your big day. 

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