Wedding Hair Chop Trend

 We often see brides and grooms switch up their look from ceremony to reception but in this new viral trend brides are going for something more bold. Brides are cutting their hair mid wedding. In between ceremony and reception they will get a hair cut and have a completely different look for their reveal. The "wedding chop" is great for brides who have been debating cutting their hair short. It's also a big statement that may not fit with every bride.

Some brides are deciding to cut their hair as a meaningful gesture. Perhaps you had short hair when you met your husband but now your hair is long. Doing this haircut takes you back to that moment you two met and brings a special meaning behind it. 

You can also do it for a great cause. If you hair is long enough you can choose to donate it. There are many people that would appreciate the donation. So this trend isn't just about being bold with a new look, it can also represent something meaningful. 

In order to be able to do this chop it requires a little extra planning. Your wedding day is already going to be packed and now you have schedule out time for a quick haircut. The best way to do it is have your hair dresser on stand by at your bridal suite. Make sure you really think about it before hand and have a style in mind you want to rock. 

Look for a time where you can carve out 30 minutes to 1 hour for your haircut. You might also want to keep things simple. A style like a blunt bob is less time consuming than a layered shaggy look. Make sure you feel comfortable with your choice and that it will also look great with your wedding gown. 

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