The Finishing Touches To Your Wedding Cocktails

 Food and drink presentation is such a big part of a wedding. Of course they also have to be delicious. But we all know we eat and drink with our eyes first. If you are looking for ways to make your wedding cocktails stand out we have some great ideas waiting for you. Take a look at some of them and let us know which was your favorite. 

1. Personalized Drink Toppers

We have all seen pretty drink garnishes that bring the drink together but what about drink toppers? There are edible toppers that you can have custom make with pictures or writing. They look elegant and really takes any drink to another level. You guests will love taking photos of it. 

2. Serve In Something New

Serve your delicious cocktails in unique glasses. It's always makes the drinking experience more fun. If you're having a retro wedding think about serving the drinks in small disco balls. A coconut might be the way to go to bring out that tropical vibe. 

3. Color Changing 

Watch the cocktail transform in front of your eyes. Talk to your bartender on drinks they can make to create pretty ombre cocktails. Gin and butterfly pea flower is a very common color changing drink. You can also go for a pretty tequila sunrise. 

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