What To Know Before Your Wedding Day

 The time has finally come to walk down the aisle and say I do! There are so many emotions that rush through you on your wedding day and even days leading up to it. Just remember to breathe and enjoy every moment of it. Here are some things you can expect on your wedding day. 

Being Nervous Is Okay

It's said that ten minutes before the ceremony is when brides and grooms feel the most nervous. This is totally normal. You are going to make a big life decision and all eyes are about to be on you. Just keep in mind that the person you love is out there waiting for you. Once you see them you will feel calm and ready. 

Be Prepared For Tears

Even if you don't think you will cry, most likely there will be some happy tears shed. There are so many beautiful speeches and magical moments that will pull on your heart strings. Tell your bridesmaids to hold some tissue for you to clean up. Also make sure you have your touch up make up handy. 

Not Everything Will Go According To Plan

No matter how much you rehearse or you plan for things sometimes things don't go as planned. Sometimes the scheduling might be a little off. There might be some accidents along the way. You can delegate these problems to your party planner or maid of honor. So just remain calm and think about what the day is really about. 

You Will Feel The Need To Entertain

Although a wedding day is all about the couple, there is always a feeling of making sure the guests are entertained. As a bride you will feel like you have to check up on guests and greet everyone. Don't get lost in this. You don't need to have a moment with each person it's important to also enjoy the day yourself. Even take some time to yourself or with your partner to soak everything in. 

Make Sure You Get Candid Photos

Candid photos are must haves to look back on. They are going to really take you back to your wedding and bring all of those amazing feelings back. Don't worry about looking perfect in photos because candid photos show the real you. 

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