How To Choose Your Wedding Cake Flavor

 When it comes to choosing your wedding cake it isn't just about the way it looks. You of course want a cake that is also delicious. Choosing a flavor can seem hard. You want something everyone will like but you also want to choose something as a couple. When you go for tastings you can even get lost in all of the sweets. So here are some tips to help you choose your perfect flavor. 

Take Inspo From The Season

If you are unsure of what flavor would be the best fit look towards your wedding season as inspiration. If you are having a spring or summer wedding think of fresh berries that are fruitful during this time. Flavors like white chocolate raspberry and lemon berry really bring out that fresh flavor to the season. If you are having a winter wedding think about flavors that are richer like chocolate chai or caramel apple. 

Prioritize Your Taste

It's your big day and so you should definitely have a cake that you love the look and taste of. So choose a flavor that you and your partner love. Think about what flavors you like when you're eating dessert. Are you a decadent chocolate lover? Perhaps a caramel flavor? Think about these things when you are doing your cake tastings. 

Something That Works With Your Menu

Your wedding cake can also compliment your other cuisine at your wedding. It makes for a cohesive dinning experience. So if you are serving some of your childhood favorites like delicious pizza and sliders go for a s'more flavor wedding cake. 

You Can Have More Than One 

Can't decide on just one flavor? Talk to your baker about having different flavors for different tiers of the cake. You can even do multiple single tiered cakes so guests have a wide selection. These are all good choices to have and very important to talk over with your cake baker. 

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