Bridal Shoes Trends To Try

 Having a good pair of shoes for your wedding day is a must. Not only focusing on how they look but how they feel. You bridal shoes should also compliment your wedding gown. At least the theme you want to go with. If you are unsure of what shoes to pair with your gown we have some trendy ideas. Take a look. 

Block Heels

Black heels are everywhere right now and with good reason. They are more comfortable to walk in than stilettos. Block heels are also great for outdoor weddings because they are not going to sink into the grass. There are so many styles to choose from with block heels that you will find one that best fits your bridal look. 


Strapped heels are a great look and add support. They take any plane shoe and give it a little extra touch. Sometimes you can find straps with sparkle even adorned with peals. These little details are going to make a difference. Be sure to try one a strappy heel to see if it's the one for you. 


A good chunky platform heel is a great shoe to wear because it helps keep you comfortable. The platform minimizes the impact of the heel height so if your heel is 4 inches but you have a 1 inch platform your really wearing a 3 inch heel. So you feet are going to hurt a bit less. Platforms are also great for a little retro feel. 

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