Ideas To Decorate Your Wedding Cieling

 Your wedding should have beautiful decor in every direction you look including up above. Having ceiling decorations id really going to bring everything together. You can dance under the stars or groove under some disco balls. It all depends on what style you are going for. Here are some fun ideas for you. 


If you are looking for a luxe and vintage feel having several chadeliers scattered through out your venue is going to look amazing. You can also add that romantic touch with come beautiful flowers. 

Disco Balls
It's time to get grooving under lots of disco balls. This retro look is great paired with some babys breathe like the picutre here. Disco balls are going to reflect lots of light which will look amazing when you're on the dance floor. Your guests will love it.  

Hanging Light Bulbs

This one is for a more industrial theme and more modern look. Hanging light bulbs have a unique style that can compliment a lot of other themes. 

Decadent Florals

You can't go wrong with lots and lots of flowering hanging from the ceiling. It such a beautiful sight that really brings romance to life. This can be a little expensive so make sure you budget accordingly. 

String Lights

Look like you are under a million stars with the help of string lights decorating your ceiling. It is going to look lux and magical all in one. Not to mention that photos are going to look incredible.

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