Live Painting Wedding Trend

 One thing that is always a priority at a wedding is capturing all of the beautiful memories that are being made. Getting the right photos and videos are typically your photographers job but there are other ways of capturing them. This trend takes things back a bit and has a vintage flare. Before there were cameras there were painters! Live painters are making a come back for weddings. 

Live painters will usually be used at the ceremony or even during the reception. They are going to bring their supplies and paint the perfect moment between the couple. That could be the first kiss at the alter as a married couple or the first dance they share. Having  a wedding painter is such a unique touch to a wedding. You are always going to cherish the beautiful art work and your guests are going to love catching a glimpse of the artist at work. 

A live painter is amazing but it might not fit into everyones budget. At the moment couples are spending an average of $2,000 for this great experience. Different artists will have different packages and pricing for each. It is also another cost is the artist has to travel far for the wedding. You might want to think about hiring someone local to save some extra charges.

When you are choosing your painter there are some questions that you should have ready. Ask if you can see some of their live work they have created for other weddings and if they have experience with it to begin with. You can also ask about their painting style and if they have more than one? It might take some time to find the right artist for you so give yourself plenty of time. Also be sure to ask if you will have the finished painting at the end of the night or when you would receive it. 

We hope this information can help guide you to finding the right painter for you or even consider having this form of live entertainment at your wedding. 

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