How To Make Your Guests Feel Special At Your Wedding

 Making your wedding a fun and welcoming environment is everything a couple could ask for. They are the loved ones who have been there from the beginning of your relationship and maybe even experienced some of the amazing milestones with you. It's great to show them how much you care and how much them mean to you on this big day. Here are some ideas to make your wedding guests feel special. 

Personalized Notes

On their plate setting great them with a welcoming note. Let them know how much you appreciate them being there on such an important say. They may take some time to get through each one of your guests, but they are really going to appreciate ate it in the end. 

Song Requests

Music has the power to bring people together and is very important in any wedding. Before the big day ask your guests what songs they would like to hear play. You can include it in the RSVP so you have plenty of time to add some of those songs to the playlist. They are going to rush to the dance floor when they hear their favorite song playing. 

Make Some Accommodations

It's important to take into account your guests needs when it comes to moving around your wedding venue or even the food served.  Make sure you ask if your wedding venue is able to make accommodations for those who may need them. Also make sure you ask your guests of any food allergies they may have and have options for them. These small things are going to make a big difference. 


Having transportation available to and from the wedding is such a great thing. Your out of town guests don't have to worry about navigating through a city they many not know. It's also great for your guests to enjoy the wedding to the fullest and still get home safe. 

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