How Important Is It To Have A Maid Of Honor?

 Having loved ones by your side on your wedding day is something that brides look forward to the most when planning their wedding. Best friends talk about being in each others weddings one day so it's such a special moment. When you put together your bridal party what is the role of a maid of honor? This person is usually one of the closest to the bride in group, that can be a sister or a very good friend. But does a bridal party need a maid of honor? Sometimes it can cause conflict in choosing who the maid of honor should be. 

The maid of honor has a big role in a wedding. So it's important to choose someone who will have plenty of time to be able to fulfill that role. If you are considering not having a maid of honor here are some tips to help you find the best option for you. 

Leader Of The Bridal Party

The maid of honor usually acts as the leader of the bridal party. They are going to best communication between the bride and the bridal party. If the group has any questions they can ask the maid of honor and she will know the details. It's great to have this leadership role because it's going to make a lot of tasks run much smoother. 

A Helping Hand On The Wedding Day

A maid of honor is also often seen as a helping hand on the wedding day. They won't be taking on the role of the wedding planner and checking up on vendors but they can help the bride with smaller personal tasks. If you want to have some pictures of your own you can ask your maid of honor to snap a few on your phone. They can help make sure you train looks amazing while you're standing at the alter. These little things are going to make sure that everything turn out perfect. 

Planning Other Events

When it comes to planning the bridal shower and bachelorette party that role is usually held by the maid of honor. Now, that doesn't mean that only they can plan it but they would be the perfect one to plan it. If the bride doesn't want to put all of that on the responsibility on the maid of honor they can both plan it together. The maid of honor would be a great help delegate some tasks to. 

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