How Your Wedding Venue Can Influence Your Bridal Look

 When you are trying to put together your bridal look you might not think about your wedding venue. But you definitely should. Your wedding venue can have a big influence with your overall bridal look. Not only should you aim for a cohesive look where they both compliment each other, but there are some practical reasons as well. Here are some ways your venue can help put together your bridal outfit. 

1.  Formality

When you are putting together your bridal look think about how formal your wedding venue is. In some cases some venue have a dress code they prefer. If you are having a rustic barn wedding it would make sense to be less formal than an opera house. Just keep these details in mind to help you make your choices. 

2. Watch Your Step

Where you will be walking is one of the last things on your mind but it should be on the top of your mind. Think about the surface you will be not only walking down the aisle but moving around in through out the night. For an outdoor wedding you will have to wear different shoes than indoors. Stiletos would not be practical. There might also be more places your train can get caught on or even stained. 

3.  Weather

Your wedding venue also plays a part in how the weather can affect the day. If you are having an outdoors wedding during summer you want to wear a light wedding gown that is breathable. But if your venue is indoors you don't have to worry about it as much especially if there is air conditioning. 

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