Ideas For Your Second Bridal Look

 Your wedding day is the time to go all out and be as extra as you want. That means having more than one bridal look. Brides love doing this because it gives them the chance to really show off their style and great if you fall in love with more than one gown. Here are some ideas that you can wear for your second bridal look. 

Short Lace Dress

If you are the fence of wearing a short wedding dress to your ceremony why not wear it to the reception. You walk down the aisle can be in a traditional floor length wedding gown but when it's time for the party transform into your short lace wedding gown. It's going to be a lot easier to walk and dance in. Just make sure you get all your photos with your long gown before you change into your second look.

Switch Up The Silhouette

It's hard to choose one silhouette for you bridal look. A ball gown has that fairytale charm to it but you can feel like a total bombshell in a more fitted gown. Now you can have the best of both worlds with a second bridal look. You can change from one silhouette to another threw out the night. It's sure to wow your guests. 

Modern Jumpsuit 

Rock a fun and comfortable jumpsuit for your second bridal look. There are so many you can choose from. Go simple with a satin one or look for some with beautiful beading for a glam look. It is going to be comfortable moving around and you will look incredible. 

Two Piece Set

If you don't think you will feel comfortable in a jumpsuit perhaps a matching set would be better. This can be a skirt and a top or even a white suit. It's all up to your very own style. Either way it is sure to look amazing and you are going to love is which is all that matters. 

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