Must Ask Questions When Wedding Dress Shopping

 It can take some time to shop around to find the perfect wedding dress. As you shop around different bridal shops it's important to gather information about each bridal shop. Each business is different and that can influence whether you say yes to the dress. So here are some must ask questions for your bridal dress shopping trip. 

How Long Will The Dress Take To Arrive?

This is one of the most important questions you can ask. You don't want to purchase a gown if it's not even going to be made in time. Different designers have different time frames in which a gown can be made. Especially if you are having a custom gown it may take longer. So be sure to have your wedding date set or an estimate of it to let them know when you will need the gown. 

Is There Payment Plans?

We all know wedding dresses can sometimes put us over budget but you should always ask if the bridal store has any payment plans. Some bridal shops do or they bundle dresses with accessories. This can help you stick to your budget in the long run. 

What Color Is The Dress Available In? 

You may think that all wedding gowns are white but that is not true. There are different shades like ivory, cashmere, and even nude. Make sure you ask what colors the dress can be made in and even ask if custom colors are available. We offer custom color designs for all of our styles but not all designers do. 

Which Gown Would Work Best If I Loose Weight? 

It's great to remember that taking in a gown is easier in some gowns than others. Corset style gowns are great if this have a tie up design. It would let you re-adjust easily to have the perfect fit. 

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