Tips For Styling An Off The Shoulder Wedding Gown

 An off the shoulder gown has a modern yet classic feel that looks amazing on brides. This neckline is great with any silhouette and each one brings a different look to life. If you are wanting to wear an off the shoulder wedding gown but unsure on how to style it, we've got it covered. Keep reading for our tips and tricks. 

Hair Styles

Honestly, any hair style will work with an off the shoulder gown. It all depends on what theme you want to highlight. Wearing your hair down with loose curls has that romantic touch. You can also go for a more polished updo and a tearra for a more regal feeling. Which ever you make want to achieve it will look great with an off the shoulder gown.


When you are looking for the perfect necklace to pair go for something that is going to highlight the neckline not compete with it. Think about dainty pendant necklace. Make sure it doesn't drop down too low so that your neckline is cut off. A choker style would also look amazing. If you want to ditch the necklace a pair of statement earring will also look stunning. Since there is no necklace you don't have to worry about it looking too busy and can wear a bolder earring. 

Added Bonus

Your shoulders and collar bones are going to be the center of attention with this style of gown. So make sure you it's well hydrated. You can exfoliate before to get the dead skin off and leave you with a nice glow. You might even want to use highlighter to really make it pop and glow. It's going to look amazing. 

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