Sentimental Wedding Ideas

 Your wedding should be filled with personal things that will make it that much more special. These are the things you are going to look back on and love. You will never regret including them. Here are some ideas you can incorporate for your wedding. 

Adding A Piece To Your Wedding Dress

Adding a piece of clothing from a family member that is no longer with us or even a piece of your moms wedding dress to your wedding is a great idea. That way you have a piece of them with you as you walk down the aisle. Make sure you talk to your bridal consultant about wanting to do this so they can work on where to put it on the dress. 

Travel Series

If you and your partner are known for traveling together around the world take your guests on that journey. It's a big part of your love story so why not share it. Instead of using table numbers use the places you traveled to as the names of the tables. 

First Look With Parents

We know the popular first look with your partner is such a special moment why not do one with your parents. Their child is getting married and we are sure they would love to have that big reviel moment. This is also a big day for them so its always good to include them in special ways. 

Choose A Perfume/Cologne For Each Other

A scent is a powerful thing to bring back memories. What better way to remember your wedding day than with a special scent just for that day. You can make it even more special by choosing your partners scent and have them choose yours. You can work together to narrow down the choice or make it a complete surprise it's all up to you. 

Parents Cake Topper

Give your wedding cake that special touch by topping it off with your parents cake topper. If your parents still have theirs it would be the perfect addition. It also gives it that vintage touch for a more unique look. 

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