Honeymoon Must Haves

 Congratulations on tying the knot and starting this new adventure! Now that the big day has passed it's time to get ready for the honeymoon. Your honeymoon is going to be such a fun time and it's not just like any regular vacation you have taken in the passed. It's quality time you get to spend with your partner as a married couple. Here are some things we think are a must to have on your trip. 

Out Of Country Must Haves

When it comes to traveling outside of the country there are some essentials you can't forget to bring. That includes your passport, outlet adapter, chargers, and currency used in that country. It's always great to have cash so you are able to tip. 

Sightseeing and Outdoor Activities

If you are a couple that love to walk around new places and really see the city on foot then you need comfortable shoes. Make sure you look up what type of environment you will be in. If it's a busy city go for closed toe sneakers. If you are going to a place like Greece there is a lot of uneven stone to walk on so you need flat shoes. 

Tropical Vacations

If you are planning on going somewhere warm and sunny make sure you bring your SPF as well as after sun gel just incase you get burned. Bring things like hats and sunglasses to have extra protection. You might also want to bring bug spray. There can be a good amount of mosquitos in tropical areas.

Big Cities

If you are traveling to a big city there can be issue with pick pocketing so make sure you bring a bag that is secure and compact for you to have always at eye view. Avoid using backpacks when walking around the city. Look for cross body bags or even a fanny pack you can strap around you chest. 

Carry On 

There is always that scary thought that your checked luggage will get lost so having a carry on with some essentials is a great tip. Make sure you have things you think might break in your checked luggage. You should also include some stuff you may need incase your bag does get lost. That can include some changes of clothes, toothbrush, deodorant, even some makeup you want to have with you. This is going to help you enjoy your vacation just incase things take a turn. 

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