Things To Keep In Mind With Having An Outdoor Wedding

 Outdoor weddings are popular when the weather is perfect. They are a great way to have natural landscape be your decor and not have to worry too much on it. It can even help you save some money. If you are thinking of having an outdoor wedding here are some tips for you. 

Consider Having A Tent Or Indoor Option

Your ceremony can be out in the open but when it comes to the reception consider having a tent for everyone to enjoy some shade. This is great during the warmer months and if there is a possibility of rain. You might even want to look for a venue that has both indoor and outdoor options for you. It's always great to have an indoor space just for back up. 

Think About What You Will Be Walking On

For an outdoor wedding you will most likely have grass that your guests are going to walk through and even dance on. It can be a tricky terrain to walk around in comfortably especially if you're wearing heels. You can disclose this in the invitation so they bring the right shoes. You can even spend some more money to have some flooring laid out so they aren't just stepping on grass and dirt. 

Pay Close Attention To The Lighting

It can be tricky to have a well lit space when you are having an outdoor wedding. So when touring the venue as about where the outlets are located or how you can set up your lighting. Make sure you communicate this with your wedding planner to come up with the perfect lighting plan. 

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