Do You Need A Purse At Your Wedding?

 When you are putting together your bridal look you probably will come across the questions of where will you be putting you belongings like your phone and other personal things. You would normally have your handbag on any occasion to carry your things but on your wedding day is it nessearie? Some brides go purse less others don't. Here are some things to consider when you are trying to answer this question. 

Have It For The Reception

If you are going to have a hand bag present you are most likely going to have it with you for the reception portion of the wedding. There is no need for it when you are walking down the aisle or at the altar. At this time you don't need your phone on you and you don't need makeup to touch up. The reception is great to have your purse so you can touch up your make up and you will have a seat where you can leave your bag as well. 

Another Fun Accessory

You wedding hand bag is another fun accessory you can make personal to your big day. It's going to also make a great reminder when ever you choose to wear it after the wedding. You might even make it a tradition and pass it down to your children when they get married. Either way it's a cute and practical accessory. 

Look For A Dress With Pockets

If you want to keep things handy but don't envision yourself wearing a purse through out your wedding day then a good alternative would be a dress with pockets. You will be able to have your phone and some hair ties, even your lipstick with you just incase you need it. 

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