Should You Allow Children At Your Wedding?

 One of the most common questions you will ask yourself when wedding planning is if there will be children at your wedding or not? For some it maybe be an easy answer but for others not so much. Remember that it is your day and you don't have to have have children there just to accommodate others. Here are somethings to consider to help you make the right choice. 

Make The Decision Early On

Before you start working on your wedding invitations it's important to answer this question. It will give your guests plenty of time to make plans on getting a sitter or finding the right outfit for their child to wear. 

What Kind Of Environment Do You Want?

If you want to go all out with your celebration and party until the sun comes out then maybe children don't go with that vibe. That is totally okay. Make sure you sit down with your partner to discuss what you both are picturing the wedding to be like. 

Don't Feel Pressured To

There are always going to be people that give their input when wedding planning. Stand firm in your decision and don't let other sway your answer. You are going to want to look back on your wedding day and be happy with which ever decision you make. 

How Does It Affect Your Budget?

Think about how having children present will change your budget. Do you have to add different food and drink options for the children? You might even want to have activities for them to make sure they don't get bored at the wedding. Some couples even have some childcare present for the parents to have fun on their own. 

Only Certain Children Invited

You might even consider only making an exception for some children to be present. That can be your own children or those that will be involved in the wedding. Some people may not react to this news in the best manner so make sure you tread carefully and let them know why that decision has been made. 

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