Why You Need A Back Up Plan For Your Wedding Day

 When it comes to your wedding day you never want to think about things taking a turn for the worse. You want everything to run smoothly and for everything to be perfect. Unfortunately  that may not always be the case. Sometimes vendors cancel and their might even be the dreaded rain. But that doesn't have to mean that your wedding is ruined. Having a proper back up plan is the best way to deal with something going off course. 

When Choosing A Venue

When you are going on tours and starting your journey of finding the right venue it's important to ask the right questions. Do they have options for switching from outdoors to and indoor incase the weather causes disruption? Would it be able to hold the same amount of people if you switched locations? You should also ask if they have a bad weather plan they already offer. This is going to put you on the right track in having an amazing day. 

Budget Accordingly

Incase your venue doesn't have an indoor option available to use if the weather turns bad you might have to rent a tent or choose a venue entirely. This can comes with a higher price tag so just be mindful of how that will affect everything. 

If Your Vendor Cancels

While most of the time your vendor is signed into contract to be present on your day there are emergencies that may arise. Make sure you talk to them about what happens if they were not able to make it to the big day. Sometimes they work with other vendors they can recommend. Look at the the refund policy is something like this were to occur. 

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