Tips For Getting Ready On Your Wedding Day

 Getting ready to walk down the aisle comes with a lot of things but it's one of the most fun parts of the wedding day. You get to spend this time with your close friends and family getting into glam and just spend some alone time before the grand entrance. When you are getting ready keep these things in mind to make sure everything runs smoothly. 

Make A Checklist

Before you make your way to your venue you have to make sure you packed everything. That includes the wedding dress of course but other things like your personal hanger or even an emergency kit. Make sure you make this list a few days in advance so you are able to check on everything. 

Getting Ready Outfit

Make sure your getting ready outfit is comfortable but also something that won't disturb your hair and makeup when you change. You should also make sure it's something you will like to have photos in just incase you are going to have photos with your bridal party. 

Lean On Your Bridesmaids

It's okay to lean on your bridesmaids on the big day so don't be afraid to ask for help if it all seems like too much. You can send one bridesmaids to pick up breakfast for everyone. Another one can also bring a speaker to have music while getting ready. These small things are going to really start things off on the right foot and it isn't too much to ask for. 

Have Proper Communication With Your Stylists

If there is a set back with your hair or makeup it can really but stress on the overall timeline. Make sure you communicate well with your hair and makeup artist. Give realistic time on how long it will take everyone to do their hair and makeup. You can even add cushion time just to make sure everything turns out well.

Get As Much Done The Night Before

A great way to make sure that everything runs smoothly in the morning is to make sure a lot is prepped the night prior. Pack up your car the night before with everything you need. Have things laid out that you think you might forget to grab. These things are going to make a big difference. 

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