How To Make Your Destination Wedding Amazing For Your Guests

 It takes a lot of time and details when planning a destination wedding. This doesn't only apply to the bride and groom but the guests also have to plan well in advance. If you are planning on having a destination wedding always keep in mind how you can make sure your guests feel special and appreciated for making it to the special day. We have some great ideas that can make all the difference. 

Hotel Information

Whether it be on your invitation or wedding website make sure you include hotel information where they will be staying or give them options of the best hotels they can choose from. This is going to make booking a room less stressful especially if the are not familiar to the area. 

Welcome Bags

Welcome bags are always a nice touch to have when they arrive to their room. You can have snacks and anything they may need for the wedding events. Maybe a hangover kit or sunscreen if you are in a tropical vacation. You can also include a hand written letter to let your guests know how much it means to you they were able to make the trip. 

Sights To See/Places To Visit

It is common that destination wedding guests take advantage of the trip and extend their stay a few days after the wedding. It's a nice touch to include some locations that would be great for them to visit. It can be restaurants that are a must eat or places that mean a lot to you and your partner. 


Let your guests know what is going to be in the itinerary so they are able to know what to pack for. This can include welcome drinks or a welcome dinner. You can also include some information of how the season is at your destination so they are able to pack accordingly to that too. 

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