How To Write Your Own Wedding Vows

  Your wedding vows are the promises you make to your partner on the big day. Writing your own vows can be nerve wrecking to sum up your love, dreams, and promises to your partner. At the end it's all worth it.  We are here to give you a few tips that will help you find the perfect words. 

Don't Rush To Write Them

Give yourself time to really dig deep into the feelings that you want to express. You should consider starting 3 weeks out. Starting early also gives you time to rehearse them and overcome any nervous jitters you may have.

It's Okay To Look At Examples

If you are having a hard time putting all of your feelings into words it's perfectly okay to look at examples. That doesn't mean you should copy and paste other vows because it defeats the purpose of writing your own. Just take inspiration in the format but make sure you stick to your love story. 

You Can Say Them Privately 

If you are nervous to share your personal vows or just want things to be special between you and your partner, you could say them in private. You can carve out some time to tell each other your weddings vows and just use generic ones at the alter. This is going to allow you to get very personal and is going to mean a lot. 

Practice Makes Perfect

Give yourself plenty of time to rehearse saying your vows. It's going to help with any nerves you maybe feeling when you have to do it up on the alter. Saying it out loud is also going to help you catch any mistakes and make adjustments. 

Doesn't Have To Be Too Serious 

It's always great to see your partner smile and laugh up on the altar. There is room for humor in vows so if you want to add it in, it would be a great way to break away from the traditional ways. Just make sure it's appropriate and your partner would be okay with it. 

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