What You Should Know If Your Having Your Wedding On A Holiday

 Couples want their wedding date to be special but others don't mind sharing it with a popular holiday. Having a wedding on a holiday can make it that much more special but it can also come with some negatives. If you are thinking of maybe tying the knot on New Years Eve or even Valentines day here are some things you should know. 

Family Can Get Together 

Most families get together when it comes to holidays so it can be easy for your family to attend the big day. Having a holiday wedding also means that your family will have the time off so they will be able to travel and maybe even extend their stay for some more wedding activities. 

Easy To Choose A Theme

You don't have to think too hard about your wedding theme when you are having your wedding on a holiday. That can be a big plus to some couples. Getting decor maybe tricky if you don't shop with plenty of time because of the season. 

Can Be Expensive

Choosing a holiday wedding can also come with a heavier price tag. Your venue maybe booked up for other holiday events or they may charge more to host on a holiday. Flight tickets and hotels are also more expensive during holidays which can sway your family members and friends to attend. 

Less Availability

Holidays are also the time when people are busy with other plans. That means they might not be available to attend the wedding. This can also mean venues and vendors can be booked for holiday celebrations. 

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