How To Choose The Right Undergarment For Your wedding Dress

 What you wear under your wedding dress is just as important to your dress. You want to look and feel your best but also feel comfortable. There are a lot of factors that play into what undergarments you should wear with your wedding dress. Here are some tips to help you find the best fit for you. 

Ball Gowns & A-line Gowns

When it comes to wearing a ball gown or a-line dress it can be easy to choose your undergarments. You can stick to a regular t-shirt bra and your go to underwear and call it a day, depending on the cut of the top of the gown. We suggest to go with a nude color just incase there is any peeking that may occur. You can even choose to wear shape wear shorts to avoid any rubbing in the thighs that may cause discomfort.


Illusion Bodice

If your wedding dress has a lot of illusion in the bodice you should look for a gown that includes bra cups already in it. If it doesn't already have it ask about adding some. It's the only way that you will be able to have the coverage and support. 

Low Back/Illusion Back

A low back gives a sexy look that you want to show off. In oder to have a no show bra look for an adhesive one. Thats going to stick to the front and you don't need the back hooks to keep it in place. You are also going to want to make sure that underwear that you choose doesn't cut too high up and is exposed with a low back. That goes for any shape wear as well. 

Fitted/Trumpet Silhouette

A trumpet silhouette is going to show off all of your curves and is fitted to the body. So no show undergarments are the way to go. It's going to avoid giving you that underwear line and make sure everything is nice and smooth. You can also choose to wear shape wear to really snatch everything and highlight your figure. Make sure it is also no show so that it doesn't look bulky underneath. 

Strapless Corset 

A strapless corest would be great for brides with a bigger bust. It will work great with ball gowns or fitted gowns. It is sure to give more support than just a strapless bra. You can also look for gowns that already have this design if you want a strapless style. 

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