What To Include In Your Bridal Look Budget

 Before you start hitting the bridal shops and falling in love with a wedding gown it's important to prepare your bridal budget. Your bridal budget should include how much you want to spend on your bridal look. From your hair down to the pedicure on your toes. Here are something you must not forget to include in your budget. 

Customization Costs

Give yourself a little extra saved incase you decide you want to do any custom changes on your wedding dress. Custom changes are a great thing to consider because they are going to give you exactly what you are looking for in a dress. 


Think about how many accessories you are going to be wearing on your wedding day. That can include the veil, any jewelry, shoes, a jacket, or anything you are envisioning. If you want to wear a lot of accessories you can balance it out with having a more simple wedding dress. This will also help balance the budget. 

Makeup & Hair Trails

You are going to want to have makeup and hair trails in order to perfect the look you are going for. Makeup and hair trails are their own price appart from the actual wedding day. Some brides forget this so it's important to set money aside. 

Any Outfit Changes

Are you planning on wearing more than one dress on your wedding day? If you are you should definitely include it in your budget. There are less expensive ways of having two looks. You can use a detachable skirt for example. 

Manicure & Pedicure

We can't forget about the bridal nails. Once you get engaged a lot of attention is drawn to your hands so having them nice and polished is a must. 

Additional Beauty Treatments

Think about any extra treatment you want to have to prep for the big day. If you're going to get your hair dyed or cut. Any facials or waxing that you need to get? Even things like whitening your teeth should all be counted for. This is going to really help out in the long run. 


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