How To Easily Achieve Two Looks For Your Wedding Day

 If you fall in love with more than one wedding dress why not have more than one look at your wedding. Your wedding day is the the time to go all about and be bold. You may choose to have more than one look to embrace the different vibes or for practicality. One dress might be easier to dance in than the other. Which ever the reason maybe we are here to help you achieve these different looks through out your wedding day. 

Add It Into Your Timeline

Make sure you plan out time for you to do your wordrobe change and that can include any hair or makeup changes you are planning on doing as well. Cocktail hour would be a great time to make the change and is usually done in between the ceremony and reception. 

Have Everything Set Up

Make sure that your second outfit is all laid out and ready to go for when you make your change. It's going to make everything smooth and you won't have to be looking around everywhere for accessories or anything like that. You can even assign one of you bridesmaids to help out with this task incase you can't get to it yourself.

Let Your Hairstylist/Makeup Artist Know

If you are not only planning on changing your outfit but your glam and hair to make sure you inform your stylists. Make sure you work out a plan to have them be able to change up your look later in the day. 

You Can Change Into Anything You Like

Some brides think they have to do a certain look for their wedding but know that is not the case. Make sure your look is something that you feel comfortable in. You can switch out your heels for slippers even throw on a cowboy hat it's all up to you. 

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