How To Put Together A Halloween Inspired Bridal Look

 October is the month of not only Halloween but when a lot of couples tie the knot. Some couples get inspired by the holiday and bring it to life for their wedding. If you are planning on having some Halloween elements in your wedding why not sprinkle some onto your bridal look. We have some great ideas waiting for you. 

Black Wedding Dress

A black wedding dress doesn't only have that Halloween feel to it but it's also elegant and stunning. Having a black wedding dress creates a unique look that will really make your bridal look stand out. Be sure to ask your bridal consultant which gowns they would be able to customize with that color. 

Black Veil 

If you don't think you want to rock a black wedding dress you can still have that hauntingly good touch with a black veil. It can be all black tulle or just have black lace on white tulle. Both will look amazing. 

Dark Colored Bouquet

Get inspired by the season and holiday and choose rich dark colors for your bouquet. Black could be a great place to start but you can also add reds and oranges. It's going to look great next to your black wedding dress. 

Halloween Earrings

Make a statement with some halloween inspired earrings. You can choose things like spiders or ghosts. They are going to work well with an up do and high neckline dress. 

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