Things You Should Save From Your Wedding Day

 Keep the memory of your wedding day alive through memorable items that were used. Just because your special day is over doesn't mean you have to get rid of all of your things. Certain decor and other things can be preserved so that you can always relive the magical day. Here are some things we think are a must have to keep. 

Sign Decor

If you displayed signs with your new last name these would be great to keep and display in your how. Especially if you used neons signs. It's going to give your place that special touch and will always remind you of your wedding day. 


There are a lot of different ways to preserve your wedding bouquet that it's a must have to save. You can display it dry and it will still look beautiful. You can also have the flowers pressed to hang as art through out your home. You can even have them turned into a paperweight. 

Wedding Cake Topper

Saving your wedding cake topper is a tradition a lot of couples like to do. It's easy to save and can later be passed down to your children. It's a must save. 

Champagne Flutes

Save the champagne flutes used for your toasts throughout the evening. Put them in your china cabinet or wrap them up and pull them out on anniversaries and special occasions.

Unopened Wine

As we know wine gets better with age so you can save your wine for a special occasion in the future. It could be for an anniversary or even birthday. It would make for a addition to your collection. 

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