Tips For Doing Your Own Bridal Makeup

 When it comes to bridal makeup most brides look towards a professional makeup artist but that isn't the only option. If you feel comfortable and confidant in doing your own wedding makeup we say go right ahead. Doing your own makeup gives you total control over your look. You know what you like and don't like so it will be easy to do your look. Here are some tips to help you get the perfect look if you're doing it yourself. 


Practice is always going to make perfect. It's important that once you have selected what kind of look you want to go with that you practice it. Not only to get the technique down but to make sure that it's the look you want. Make sure you apply it and wear it through out the day to note how it changes as time goes by. This is going to show you how it would last throughout your wedding day. You can then go back and adjust anything you want to change, maybe getting a different primer or foundation shade.

Look For Inspiration Similar To Your Features

When you are looking at different looks to try out go for ones that will compliment your particular features. That means if you have hooded eyes look for a tutorial on eyeshadow for hodded eyes. If you have a round face your contour will have different placement that someone with a heart shaped face. These different techniques and looks will help bring out your features and will look most flattering. 

Invest In Your Tools

Although you have to be causes in trying new makeup products due to skin reactions you may have, trying new tools is a great idea. This would be the perfect time to invest in new brushes or sponges. Make sure they are clean the day of your wedding to ensure you don't transfer anything unwanted. 

Test In Different Lighting

Make sure you makeup will look amazing in any setting. You can take flash photos to make sure this isn't any white cast from powders you've used. Try doing your makeup in natural light to get the best visual on how it looks. But also play around with white and warm light to see how it changes. 

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