How To Have Healthy Hair For Your Wedding Day

 One way to ensure that you love your bridal hair on your wedding day is to have healthy hair to work with. You want it looking its very best to have the best outcome. We have some tips to help you have your locks feeling and looking healthy. Keep on reading to find out. 

Regular Trims

If you are planning on growing out your hair you might be thinking of not cutting your hair before the big day. But in order to make sure you hair is able to grow and not break off you should schedule regular trims. Trims are going to get rid of any split ends that might prevent your hair from growing out. Aim for 8 to 12 weeks to have your trim.

Minimize Heat Use

If you are the type of person to always use heat on your hair we suggest taking a break from using it so often. Instead of blow drying it try air drying. If you curl your hair with a curling iron try using things for overnight curls that will give you same affect without all the heat. This can even be applied to the shower. Make sure you water isn't too hot because that can also cause damage. 

Try A Silk Pillow Case

Silk pillow cases are said to help prevent breakage that might occur over night. All the tossing and turning can cause damage to your hair but with a silk pillow case it will reduce that roughness and prevent breakage. It is also said to help with acne so it's a two for one benefit deal. 

Add A Mask Into Your Routine

Once or twice a week add a hair mask into your haircare routine. It's a great way to give your hair some extra pampering. Hair masks are great for bringing moisture to help you hair look shiny and healthy. This is also a great time to give your self a spa day or night. Throw on a face mask while your at it and take a moment to relax. 

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