Bridal Trends: 2 Piece Wedding Dresses

 The modern wedding dress is all about expressing your own individual style and redefining the look of a wedding gown. In this day in age brides are taking risks and wearing what they feel comfortable in as aposed to sticking with the common wedding gown. We see untraditional colors and lengths being used. One trend we have been seeing on the rise is the two piece wedding dress. That means there is a skirt and a top that can be mixed and matched with other separates. It is a stunning take on the traditional wedding gown. 

A two piece wedding dress is great for brides that want a more unique look for their wedding. It allows you to customize your wedding gown in easy to remove parts. We typically see these bridal separates in form of a skirt and a top. You can choose from lace, beaded, tulle, long sleeve, short sleeve, just like any regular wedding dress. The only different is that they, of course, are not just one combines piece of clothing. 

A two piece wedding dress can be used to walk down the aisle or for your reception. It's all up to you. If you want something more traditional for your ceremony you can use the two piece wedding dress as your second look of the day. It will bring that "ready to party" vibe. If you want to wear it for your ceremony but still want to switch up your look for the reception, you can easily swap out the top or bottom of the look to create an entirely different style. 

This easy customization is what makes two piece wedding dresses so amazing. In a snap of a finger you can have a totally different look. This can also mean it can help you stay within your budget and still have that outfit change you have dreamed of. 

With a two piece wedding dress you still have all of the beauty that comes with any other wedding dress. Like we mentioned, beading and lace are still found in a two piece set. Don't think that it's not as luxurious or more casual than a regular gown. 

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