Tips For Having A Wedding After Party

 Instead of calling it a night early for your wedding why not keep the party going? A wedding after party is perfect for the couples that don't want the night to end and party with their favorite people. Your wedding will always feel like it went by in the blink of an eye, which is why couples are choosing to extend that time with an after party. If you are thinking of having an after party we have some tips for you to make sure it turns out like everything you envisioned.

Having Transportation

If you are thinking of switching locations from your wedding venue to the after party make sure you have transportation available for your guests attending. This is going to encourage people to make it to the party. You can have a big party bus for all of you to ride safe and together or even offer them discount codes for ride sharing. This makes sure they party safely and for them to not have to worry about getting home or to the venue later. 

Have An RSVP

If you aren't sure how many people would actually go to the after party make sure you have an RSVP so you can choose a venue appropriately. If you know that most of your guests are older or perhaps you're having a weekday wedding that will affect the amount of people that would attend. If the number is too small perhaps an after party isn't the way to go. 

Add An Activity

You would probably expect your guests to all dance the night away at the after party but for those who want to take a seat or relax a bit more offer them other activities. You can have karaoke going for the singers, darts, or even card games. That way you give them more options when they want to take a break from dancing. 

The Late Night Snack

Fuel up your guests to keep the party going with some food. Having that late night snack is going to make sure they are awake and ready to party late. Casual foods like pizza, sliders, and chicken tenders are a great option. You may want to incorporate some caffeine as well just for an extra boost. 

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