Wedding Decor Trends For 2024

 Your wedding decor is going to bring life to any venue. It allows you to create any look and feeling you want your guests to experience. Each year comes with new theme and ideas that will be seen everywhere. So what can you expect wedding decor to look like in 2024? Here is some ideas. Let us know which was your favorite. 

Sustainable Decor 

Couples are playing their part in being eco friendly with sustainable decor. Weddings in general can produce a lot of waste and most can come from the decor used. So search in your thrift store or rent most of your wedding decor to make it more sustainable. You can also switch out any single use items like napkins and cups with items that can be washed and reused. 

Colorful Glasses

Add a splash of color to your tables with colorful glassware. It's an unexpected touch that can add so much life into any table skape. They will also look amazing as everyone raises their glasses for a toast. You can balance the look of the glassware by using other neutral glasses or even making your plates more neutral. 

Fruits Are In

Flowers aren't the only way to decorate a space. This year we can expect to see more fruit decor. From the table centerpieces to being used to hold escort cards. Fruits are a great decoration piece that bring lots of natural color and awaken the senses. You get a pretty visual but also that aroma element to your wedding.

Bring On The Curves

This year is all about embracing new designs for seating arrangement and that involves getting a little curvy. Instead of your straight walk down the alter you can expect to see some twists and turns. This new look adds a fun and unique look. But it can also be used for the dinning set up and even other seating. 

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