What Influences Your Wedding Decor Cost?

 When it comes to wedding decor you can keep cost minimal or really go all out in which your budget would need to be bugger. Florals can be one of the most costly decor items you will be spending on. But there are also so many other factors that can play a part in your overall cost. Here are some of the key factors that will influence your decor budget. 

Your Venue

As you can assume a venue that is more bare and minimal will require more decore that a wedding venue that is architecturally rich. Having and outdoor wedding will also require more things like tents set up and allocating electricity outdoors to have light and music. You might even need heat sources or cooling sources. Thins that would not be something to need in an indoor wedding. 

Cost Of Labor

This can be a factor that a lot of couples don't allocate money for. Sure you buy the decors for your venue but there is also the cost of the labor that goes into putting up all of the decorations. If you have limited time to set everything its going to cost more to rush the work. Hiring a team to work on weekends or late nights are also going to up your cost of labor. So just be mindful of all of this. 

Guest Count

Every single guest adds a cost to your decor. It involves how many chair and tables you'll need. But also how many plates and glasses will be used. So the bigger your guest list is. The more you can expect to pay for your wedding decor. 

Detailed Decor

If you want you decor to be detail with personalization, expect the price to rise. Things like having signature cocktails and elaborate escort card displays make cost go up. So when you are sitting down trying to create your budget make sure you pay attention to the details.

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