How To Have A Valentines Inspired Bridal Look

 Valentines day is all about celebrating love. That's why it's the perfect theme to incorporate into your bridal look. There are so many little details that make your bridal look have that hint of Valentines day. Here are some few ideas to try out. Let us know which one was your favorite. 

Heart Shaped Sunglasses

Are you planning on having an outdoor wedding? Then sunglasses would be a great accessory. Even in the winter time the sun still comes out. Give your accessory a Valentines touch by having them be heart shaped. It makes for a fun and modern look. 

Red Lipstick

A touch of red on the lips is a classic elegant look but sometimes it can seem like a bit too much for a bride. This pop of color brings the classic look of Valentines to your bridal look. Its also going to look amazing during the winter time if you go for a more vampy shade. If you are using a matte lipstick make sure you moisturize your lip prior especially to prep for the dryness that comes with the winter season. 

Pink & Red Bouquet

This color palette is the go to when it comes to Valentines. So why not use it for your bridal bouquet. You can choose any shade of red and pink to use. If you really want that Valentines romance than use roses in your bouquet as well. 

Pink Veil 

If you are unsure if you want to wear a colorful wedding gown using your accessories to bring that pop is always a good idea. Swap out your traditional veil with something more Valentines inspired. A pink veil is going to look amazing and give you a more unique style. Add some florals to it for an even more romantic feel. 

XOXO Earrings

We typically see lots of hearts for Valentines but why not use common hugs and kisses send off. These will will look amazing and bring a fun twist to your look. 

Heart Locket

A heart locket necklace is a great jewelry piece to use for your bridal look. It's simple but has a lot of personal meaning. You can put a photo of you and your partner in it or even use it have a piece of a loved one with you who couldn't be there. 

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